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phpBB3 / osCommerce Bridge

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This is the main support thread for the add-on "phpBB3 / osCommerce Bridge"


This mod acts as a bridge between phpBB3 (notice this is version 3 of phpBB, not 2) and osCommerce. Alllows for a common login to both systems using email/password combination. It synchronizes user account changes (email, password) from both user and admin perspective. Main signup is through store, and users are allowed to pick a username for the phpBB forums after account creation.


Update Log:


v1.0 - Initial release (2013/05/20)

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Hola Jorge, una pregunta, he leido las instrucciones de instalacion pero ¿como lo hago si quiero conservar las tablas de phpBB en una BBDD aparte? Gracias.

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Hi Jorgeo;


I'm looking at installing this mod this afternoon. One question, in the install docs it says that, "It is recommended to use the same database as osCommerce for your tables."


Is this a requirement or just a recommendation? ie. I have separate dB's for the store and osC - will the mod still work under that design?


Thanks very much!

Best & Thanks;

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I'm trying to install this mod I get to the step where i need to run the sql scripts and getting message 


phpBB3 <-> osCommerce Bridge Setup Please use the installation instructions to update the following files Some values in these files are needed before continuing the setup script.
  1. catalog/admin/includes/configure.php
  2. catalog/admin/includes/database_tables.php
  3. catalog/includes/configure.php
  4. catalog/includes/database_tables.php

DIR_WS_FORUMS is incorrectly defined in catalog/admin/includes/configure.php
DIR_FS_FORUMS_LOCATION is incorrectly defined in catalog/admin/includes/configure.php


I think i know where it is going wrong is admin/include/configure.php or maybe before i copied the entire path instead of the ../.../phpbb 


// Added for phpBB3-osCommerce Bridge
	  define('DIR_FS_FORUMS_LOCATION', DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT.'C:/wamp64/www/woodyarnbarn/forums/');
	  define('DIR_WS_FORUMS', 'C:/wamp64/www/woodyarnbarn/forums/');
	// End phpBB3-osCommerce Bridge

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