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Bob Terveuren

Contribution: Min Order Quantity per product for 2.3.x

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Support for http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8783 please place all comments here rather than by pm


Package has a copy of edited vanilla osC 2.3.3 files plus a text file describing the edits required and a one line SQL query that you will have to run.


In particular be careful with includes/classes/shopping_cart.php that you do not place the new function outside the enclosing pair of { } for the class. Admin/categories.php is a fiddle to edit too.


Hopefully I'll have some free time to go back and tidy up the install description :-)

Edited by Bob Terveuren

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Bob, thanks for sharing your work.


Only one short typo-info:


In the install instruction the database we add "products_min_order_qty".

In admin/categories.php we use "products_min_quantity".


That caused at the beginning a sql error.


After changing in admin/categories.php the "products_min_quantity" in "products_min_order_qty", everything is working perfect.


For me the install description is absolutely clear. So, I think save your energy ... :)




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Bob, thank you for your work,

Nico, thank you for the hint.


I installed the addon on a 2-3-3-2 shop. It works fine.

I have only 1 question :

By adding a product via product_info as default the minimum quantity of a product is shown in the shopping cart.

By adding a product via product_listing a standard quantity of 1 is shown in the shopping cart. Could I change this to the minimum quantity as default ?


Thank you



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I installed this add-on, and I can add new products, but I cannot copy products without receiving this error "1054 - Unknown column 'products_min_order_quantity' in 'field list'". However, that column does exist in mysql. What do I need to do to resolve this?



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