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5 hours ago, Smoky Barnable said:

Undefined constant "VIEW_COUNTER_GOOD_IP_LIST"

That's a setting added by the view_counter_db_handler.php file. You have to run that file in a browser. And then click on the rest button to apply new configuration fields.

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3 hours ago, wetzel said:

he html_output change caused an error

That change is to add the missing bootstrap button to older shops. But your version probably already has it. Unfortunately, there's no way to provide exact instructions for all versions, especially Phoenix, because there are so many of them. But other than that and the application_top changes, there aren't any other changes so you should be all set.

There are other files in the change directory but the php files are just for adding the auto-complete code for create account and checkout so they are not required. You should make the change to the roots .htaccess file, if you haven;'t. And you should use the robots file in the extra directory, just be sure to change the two lines with my domain name in them.

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