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Hi Jack,

Really nice Add-on, confusing at beginning but after some testing, we can get it how it work...

Really useful... thank you for your wok....

I installed this on a 2.34 pure oscommerce. All working very nice. Installed another add-on..... And something goes wrong which was not your add-on..

So I deleted the shop and re-upload the shop via FTP...

I take a mysql backup and uploaded it... I reinstalled View Counter..

All is working fine again.. The only problem which I didn't see in this thread is when I click on Monitor, all work good but the only problem I see is it not showing the color column like Bot color, green for admin and etc... It show the same color for everybody,  that the only problem I have, The rest, all is ok, having zip error, weird !!!! 

What is the problem ??? 


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Thank you for the answer...

Like I said, All is working good except the color not working.. I go in the color and when I chose color or a preconfig color like autumn... 

It will not change.. Nothing.... Very weird... I try to understand why everything work but not the color...

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Forget it, all is working now... I don't know why.... I just played with the color and all is good.... 

Great Add-on....


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