Chris, and anyone else having problems seeing results, I just ran across the problem you were having with not being able to see the entries in the monitor section. On this site, the problem turned out to be that the php and mysql times were different so the mysql call, which checks for a certain period, wasn't returning anything. The quick workaround is to set the Active Time in the settings to some large number, like 600. It is a mistake in the logic of the code to not check for the actual time so I will change that when I get a chance.   This site also has a failure when the code tries to decode the session ID to get cart contents. The session ID it stores isn't standard, or at least not one I've seen before. So if anyone is having this problem, in the admin/includes/functions/view_counter.php file, find this line function UnserializeSession($session_data) { and add this below it return array(); If anyone has experience with decoding a non-standard SID, I would welcome suggestions. A standrd cart session starts with something like cart|O:12:"shoppingCart":5:{s:8 but this one is more like gBj5tjZRZU-WBY8WuUqS1WC6BEFBN There's no compression or cache being used.