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Custom Price Addition?

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My issue is this: I do a brisk business with my osC site. I use PayFlow Pro to do my secure orders and people buy my stuff and I ship it out. Great.


The problem is that sometimes I get a order returned to me by the post office, the address was wrong or the person didn't claim it, etc. All problems on the customers side. When I get these I contact the customer and ask "what's wrong?" They usually want me to re-ship, but the problem is that I don't want to pay the shipping cost again, I want them to pay for it again.


That's fine - but how can I automate that using OSC? I suppose I could make a custom SKU with the price they need to pay for the shipping cost (always different for everyone, usually), they would select it, checkout, and the secure payment would charge them.


But making a custom SKU is really hacky. I suppose I could ahve them call, but many people are non-US. And many don't like calling. I want to keep the order, I don't want to refund it (and lose money).


I also suppose I can use my Discount module to give them 100% credit on the order and then the shipping is just applied (again), but then that screws up some of the other custom things I have programmed, like it may send the person another unlock code for software, and in my accounting it would show they ordered the same things twice. Still hacky.


I wish there was a Order Module where you could have a SKU where the person could say what it was (or I can just call it "Shipping Charge") and they would type in the amount that would be charged.


Is there something like that, or can anyone share how they deal with this?

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That would be a custom coding project, but it is intriguing and could be useful for many other things as well. :thumbsup:


Perhaps a modification to the Order Editor to 're-ship' the item might work.






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You could set up a product called shipping for £0.01, then they place an order and if the shipping was £5.24 they order a qty of 524 and pay for it.


It will work and only one sku to create.





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