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No shipping in checkout

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Trying to set up my new shop.


Everything else looks OK, but when checking out there is no shipping options. Just shipping info (choose adress), payment info (I only have 1, paypal so nothing to choose) and then confirm.

I have 2 shipping modules, but no one show up.

Anyone that can point me in the right direction, or ask for any files you like to see, and I post here.

I have removed english, and just run my native lanugage (Norwegian) if that has something to do with it. It might be that the languagepack is original for 2.2..

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Hi, we are experiencing the same problem on our test site and I have checked 'true' for those I wish to use and 'false' for those we don't, is this what you mean by activating it? To begin with only Zone and Table rates came up so 'false'd' them but we now have no options coming up, is there somewhere else it needs activating? This is the Royal Mail shipping modules, a nightmare in itself in calculating the size/rates!

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