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Shipping to Korea, Republic Of Does not work

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I have the latest USPS shipping modul einstalled and it generally works well.

I had no problem with orders and shipping internationally, but a customer from South Korea could not check out, I tested this myself and see that no postage option come up at all (normally I have Priority and Express). So there is nothing to select.


This is probably some mismatch with teh country code in the USPS module and on the USPS server.


can anybody help me checking and fixing this?


Thank you!

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I notice that both Koreas are in osC's country list. Is there any chance that both of you could have selected the DPRK (North Korea) instead of the ROK (South Korea)? I would guess that's an unusual mistake for a Korean to make, but they're right next to each other in the list. I wouldn't be surprised if the US Mail doesn't send to DPRK. Not being familiar with the innards of the USPS modules, I can't tell you if there's anything wrong there.

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No, I checked this myself, made an entry in my (test) address book for Republic of Korea, and saw the problem - no shipping options come up at checkout.

and I think USPS does ship to both Koreas, at least in theory

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