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PayPal Standard Problem 2.3.3

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Hope someone can help - I've been trying for hours.


OSCommerce 2.3.3

PayPal Standard v1.1 as included in shop

Server running php5.4


Place and order on the shop and hit checkout - customer taken to paypal to pay.


Behind the scenes paypal is set to auto return to www.<mydomain.co.uk>/store/checkout_succcess.php


Payment is taken and paypal returns to store. Order is captured.


HOWEVER..... this is the issue; the customer ends up back at the shopping cart with a message in a red bar saying Could not verify the PayPal transaction. Please try again.



So because they get this message they try again and this is where it is a problem - customer loses confidence in site.


Does this red bar message give any clues to where I need to look?

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Try redirecting to checkout_process.php page. I think i read on these forums somewhere that 2.3 versions are different to earlier versions.


The problem is probably caused by some information the customer has entered not being exactly the same as that entered whem they created the details for the card or paypal account. I had this recently with a customer, he called me and started to complain about the website not allowing payment, and when he tried again it worked. When I spoke to paypal about this, it can be down to even a comma missing in the address or even a non capital letter. The chances are its the card being refused.


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