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New Australia Post API Modules

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Hi all, I just saw the new Australia Post API Modules uploaded and decided to try them out, they work fine for Australian customers, but as soon as I try and test with Overseas customers the module just does not show as a shipping option at checkout. I am just wondering if anyone has had the same problem or is there a tweak I may be missing in the code to get it to work. This is the add on in question: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8733. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!

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The International module is not included in that package as mentioned in the documentation.


I will do the International module as soon as practical. Note that the Australian Signature/Insured Module has a small bug which will be fixed in the coming days,

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Hello, I have just installed this module in http://shoponline.petcitywa.com.au


it is actually oscmax however works..


the Australia Post Signed With Insurance is not showing any amount for insurance..

when testing with various items the shipping prices are always the same no matter what items are in the cart.
Accept when the contents is over 22kg. (which is set as the maximum shipped weight)

when there are more items than 22kg I thought it would split the additional items into 2 or more packages and charge additional handling but instead it just displays nothing at all for shipping at the checkout..


Is this module still contacting and communicating with the australia post API correctly and is it all still supported, relevent and up to date?

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