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.htaccess and .htpasswd fix not working?

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I have osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2a

Used latest osc_sec version


Read the posts on the security and how osc_sec writes a banlist to .htaccess etc and have done what was recommened BUT cannot get myself banned when i enter http:// in the search string... I get notified that the action is banned and am not redirected. This is the same whether I do with before I have logged in or after I have logged in...


My .htaccess (640) in shop admin directory is as follows:

#AuthType Basic

#AuthUserFile "/home/fansonline/www/www/.htpasswd"

#AuthName Limited!

#require valid-user

AuthType Digest

AuthDigestProvider file

AuthUserFile "/home/fansonline/www/www/xadmin/.htdigest"

AuthName Limited!

require valid-user


My .htpassword (664) in the shop root directoy (= site root directory too) is:


username:encrypted password


1) What is supposed to happen??


2) What reason for it not working??

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