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on the fly auto thumbnailer addon - thumbnails not visible

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Hi People, got some issues implementing the thumbnail addon.


I'm using this addon ('On The Fly' Auto Thumbnailer using GD Library for v2.3.1):






I followed all the instructions, replaced the tep_image() function as told...


Thing is my thumbnails are getting generated in thumbnails folder, but its not visible in my site. I know this will be some path issue, but I'm unable to figure it out...


I guess this function displays the image


function tep_image()


and particularly this line


$image = '<img src="product_thumb.php?img=' . $src . '&w=' .


I inspected this in firebug and its saying failed to load url...


Actually this addon is creating thumbnails with same file name plus the extension.


Its like say if I have a file name abc of jpg type in images directory.....it creates thumbnail abc.jpg.thumb_93x130 in images/thumbnails


That last number is random.... I guess width and height.


any idea what i need to add in this line.. in function tep_image()


$image = '<img src="product_thumb.php?img=' . $src . '&w=' .

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