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Live mini site

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This is my second store, this one took a while to get going. It's based on a January '03 snapshot , and I've added, to the best of my recollection, these modules:


ad tracker

adc with some additional mods/fixes

add bullet images

all products

big images

cards box

categories on/off

credit class/gift voucher

discount coupons

low stock report

spg order process

sales report

sales stats

store pickup

usps chooser


xsell admin


and possibly a few I forgot to mention.


The shop is live, so don't buy anything unless you really want it!


Aside from the add-ons, it's not much different than a basic osc installation. I've made some small changes here and there to try to make it a little different, but nothing major.


The shop also has an add-on that I'm working on. I used the low stock report add-on as the basis for an additional module that I created called stock value report. It required adding a field in the db for the cost of an item, which I used to generate this report.


The column headings for the last 5 columns are

quantity available

cost each


retail price

total retail value


By totaling the value and total retail value columns, I get the numbers I need at the bottom that help me determine COGS for a specific period.


I'm sort of a slash and burn programmer, so I'd have to clean this mod up before trying to contribute it.


In any case, comments about the site would be welcome. Or just check it out to see what we've done.







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using https warns me off "unsecured items"


Ah, thanks, that wasn't coming up in Mozilla. I added a line to test for a registered session, if so, kill the banner. That should get rid of the warning. A better test would be for https, gotta figure out how to do that first though :oops:

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Takes more than 70 seconds to download initially on my dial up connection........way to long.


Yikes, that makes a lot of sense... I'm on a high speed connection and tend to forget that others might be on dialup. I'll have a look at the size of the graphics, some of the pages have a lot of images.


Many thanks!



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