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Easy Populate CSV Excel

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I recently installed a fresh 2.3.3 version, added and upgraded my modules to work with this version. I think I might say I have done quite a good job..., wizbits.ca


So here is my thing. I have several suppliers excel lists that I want to import data. I have re-installed easy populate because it worked for me in the past (2.2RC.2). However, what I find frustrating in 2.3.3 is that if you add items to the csv file and you do not have all the details the information does get imported into the database but does not become visible in the categories/products in admin to then update.., why not?


Is there something better out there to import/export lists? Suggestions/ideas would be great.





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Take a close look a the database in phpMyadmin.


Make sure that the data are in the appropriate fields.


years ago i played with EZP and found it verrry finicky - to the point of uselessness.

Especially as my database is derived from Access and not a spreadsheet. CSV.


You would probably need to load the data sheets into Excel and reformat the fields, and do some error checking.

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