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Template system for 2.3.3?

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I am doing a new install of OSCommerce and will be using version 2.3.3. Previously I've used 2.2, together with the STS template add-on. I see that STS doesn't have an update for 2.3.x, so I need to look for a new template solution and would appreciate any input.


I'm looking for a template system that can do the following:


- customizable - I need to be able to define and add my own tags/tokens

- need to be able to specify different templates for use on different product categories and individual pages


So far it looks like minitemplate is the most used for 2.3.x, so I'm looking further into that.



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I am also looking for a template system, and believe the best to be Kymation's THEME SWITCHER.


See the other thread here on that.


There may be some problems with the newest JQuery and OSC, but the author has a link in the support threat to a complete set of themes for version 1.8.3 which should be presumably stable, and apparently highy functional with JQuery.


Other than the special effects, the basic layout changes should be doable in CSS presumably, with an editor like these:


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