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Nivo slider with languages

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I desperately need help here folks.


I have two languages in my store, spanish and english. I installed the Banner Multi Language MOD contribution (this one: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8083), to have different banners for the different languages, but they just aren't matching up properly. The different banners show up randomly whenever you refresh the page, however, they do show up in the correct position for the specific banner on the page (both nivo slider and content banners on the bottom of the page). I tried the amendment added to the contribution, and no luck getting them sorted correctly.


I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the banner groups I've assigned, but they way I have them set up are:

Banners Groups Banner Language:

Small #1 (in english) banner1 English

Small #1 (in spanish) banner1 Espanol

Small #2 (in english) banner2 English

Small #3 (in spanish) banner2 Espanol

Small #3 (in english) banner3 English

Small #3 (in spanish) banner3 Espanol


Nivo #1 (in english) banner11 English

Nivo #1 (in spanish) banner11 Espanol

Nivo #2 (in english) banner12 English

Nivo #2 (in spanish) banner12 Espanol

Nivo #3 (in english) banner13 English

Nivo #3 (in spanish) banner13 Espanol


Is there anyone that can help me figure this out? Or if anyone has a better contribution that I should look into, I would greatly appreciate it. I am running osc 2.3.1.

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anyone? i'm soooo desperate at this point. i've had to deactivate all the spanish versions of the banners, and hate that that side shows all the english banners at the moment. would reaaaaalllyyy appreciate any help anyone can give. even if someone can just point out WHICH banner add-on this is a mod for, would be very helpful.

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