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Virtual Merchant orders not going through to VM

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I installed the Charge-it add on for Virtual Merchant (Elavon). I've input all the info (acccount id, user id, pin) and tested things out first in test mode. Everything looked like the transaction was successful. I even get the confirmation email of my purchase.


It's now in production mode.


However while the orders show up in the osC admin, when we go to our virtual merchant account online, there are no orders showing up?


Am I missing something?


I called Virtual Merchant today. There wasn't much they could tell me except that maybe the add on was in test mode. It's not. I set it to production mode.'


This is the only payment module that's active. I just went through all the others listed in the payment modules page and nothing else but charge-it is installed. Is there something that may prevent these orders from being processed/showing up in Virtual Merchant?



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Just a follow up. The transactions seem to go through, at least on the osC end. The money is deposited to the bank account so that's working. Is there some setting I've done wrong that's preventing the orders from showing up on the Virtual Merchant site?

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ANother follow up. In the includes/modules/payments/chargeit.php page there is this line:


$this->virtual_merchant_url = 'https://www.myvirtualmerchant.com/VirtualMerchant/process.do';


I talked with Virtual Merchant and this is correct. This is the correct url for these transactions. THe next line is:




I checked php.ini jsut to be sure cURL is active. It is.


Also in chargeit.php there is this:


('Set Referer URL', 'MODULE_PAYMENT_CHARGEIT_REFERER_URL', 'https://secure.yoursite.com/checkout_confirmation.php', 'Set the authorized referer url you set in your Virtual Terminal Merchant Account.', '6', '5', now())");


Should this url be changed to, for example, https://myrealdomain.com/catalog/checkout_confirmation.php ? (Note: This is what I see in the actual module in the admin area. I'm wondering if I need to alter the "https://secure.yoursite.com/checkout_confirmation.php" so it matches.


I did this and did a few transactions, but nothing shows up when I log into my virtual merchant account. Am I misunderstanding "Virtual Terminal Merchant Account?" Is that referring to the Virtual Merchant site I log into or is it the add on in osC?


Is there anywhere else I might look as to what gets sent and where?

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