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Greek languange package password reset error

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Hello!! i download the lasted greek langauge pack from 2011 and i was fixing it..i got all the messages ok but i had this problem on the way...that is what i get when i hit the link in my e-mail to get a new password.





if anyone want to know what it says jut tell me and i will translate it!

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Hi all,


Provided there is an osCommerce 2.3.3 installation, I have seen the same errors in other language packs. You must look at the English language files and compare with the greek file /catalog/includes/languages​​/greek/password_forgotten.php and change it accordingly, and add a new file password_reset.php file in the same directory. Copy the file from the English directory and translate the English phrases into Greek. Compare files with the English so that all definitions are included.



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