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How do I display text rather than tags?

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I am very new to oscommerce/html. I do not even know how to look up the information online rather than bothering chat! I mean, I don't know what this is called:




I am trying to get this not to show on my web page, just want my web page to show: 'About Us'.


I have added the page, edited it, added box to sidebar. Everything is working fine except I cannot figure out where to define the title!


I will gladly look up the information myself, just tell me what I would even search for.


Any help is appreciated.

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If text like that shows on the site it generally means that there is no language definition for that text.


As you have added a box, which i asume was placed in the modules folder, you need to create an equivalent language file in the includes/languages/english/modules/boxes folder..


Have a look at the language files already there and create a new one using the same file name as you called the file you added to the includes/modules/boxes file.


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yes, I have done that. The box shows up on my website, just the name of the link to my page is showing up MODULES_BOX_TITLE_ABOUT US.


I will again go into another file that has a side box, but I keep looking and cannot tell where the actual name of the link is defined.


Thank you for you help.

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the following is what I have in my english folder:


define('MODULE_BOXES_ABOUT_US_TITLE', 'About Us');



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This is an incorrect definition:




It should be:




then, in your english.php file, it should appear like this:


define('MODULES_BOX_TITLE_ABOUT_US', 'About Us');





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Chris, I did as you suggested, and now the name is wrong in the admin boxes modules also. It seems somewhere the definition is not correct for the naming of the info box on the website is not correct.


My manufacturer box is coded in Module boxes as:

define('MODULE_BOXES_MANUFACTURERS_TITLE', 'Manufacturers');

define('MODULE_BOXES_MANUFACTURERS_DESCRIPTION', 'Show a list of Manufacturers');



and then in the english.php file it is:




I just copied the code and replaced the manufacture with about_us.


thank you for your help

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