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osc 2.3.3 USPS (included) module

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Created a new store with a clean install of osC 2.3.3.


I'm trying to get a usable version of the USPS shipping module installed and working. The version that is included with 2.3.3 has this information in the code header:


"Based on USPS Methods 26-Feb-2010



I have tried installing "USPS Methods 6_0" and had it completely mess up my installation (Internal Server 500 Error) to the point where I had to delete the store and re-install (then import my backed up data).


Currently, the USPS (catalog -> includes -> modules -> shipping -> usps.php) module only gives the option of "Library Mail." Can someone point me to an updated version of a working and compatible USPS for version 2.3.3?


Thank you.


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