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PayPal WPP 3D Secure

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Hi, I am trying to install PayPal WPP with 3D Secure. It seems OK up to a point but there are a some questionable areas (the change is based http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7280 but I think the questions are fairly general)-


1) the initial call to Cardinal Sentinel (the bridge for PayPal 3D Secure) returns a 'live' bank url to obtain the 3D Secure authorisation. Is a test version available? Without a test version how can end-to-end testing be performed.


2) Running PayPal WPP in the sandbox with 3D Secure disabled appears to work - stock updated, emails sent, transaction recorded in the PayPal merchant sandbox account. The only thing missing is the transaction is not recorded in the PayPal sandbox buyer account?


3) Running PayPal WPP in the sandbox seems to function without the need to first sign in to the sand box. Normally when testing in the sandbox it is necessary to sign in first. Is something missing?


Is there a PayPal WPP 3D Secure version for osC 2.3?



Many Thanks

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On (1) - I did a Cardinal integration 2-3 years ago and I'm pretty sure that I 'faked' the response in the sandbox by skipping the Cardinal section in the code and replacing it with the expected responses to test them. Then switched to live and made 2 or 3 test purchases at nominal amounts on live cards


On (2) - no idea


On (3) I find that sometimes I can get into the sandbox without logging in and, at other times I still need to log in - seems random but I expect there's a cookie/session thing going on - also if you then try and use live PayPal you'll sometimes need to clear cookies or you can't pay people


Try the forums at x.com - they're often very useful but you need to be aware that anything 'aged' can often be wrong as PayPal are often wheeling out updates/revisions



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Hi, Thank you for your comments, much appreciated. I was initially advised to use the 'live' Cardinal url, I have since switched to the 'test' url which returns an authorisation screen suitable to allow processing to continue. I guess the live url will have to be used to test invalid credit card conditions.


I will try x.com to see if there is any more info that may be of use.


Many thanks

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