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Easy populate help

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EP vers: 2.77a-2.3.1

osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

OS: Array



PHP: Array (Zend: )


Temp Directory:


Temp Dir is Writable

Magic Quotes is: off

register_globals is: off

Split files on: 300 records

Model Num Size: 12

Price with tax: false

Calc Precision: 2

Replace quotes: false

Field seperator: comma

Excel safe output: true

Preserve tab/cr/lf: false

Category depth: 7

Enable attributes: true

SEF Froogle URLS: false


Other Support:

MVS Support: false

Additional Images: false

More Pics: false

UltraPics Pics: false

Unlimited Images: false

HTC: false

SPPC: false

Extra Fields: true

PDF Upload: false

Quick Backup Enabled: true



I've been looking for a solution for three days and need help.Doing a lot of reading and maybe it's just me.

I can use easy populate with no issue except I can't get an image linked to a product.


Below are where original images are:

http://www.xxxxxxxy.com/images/microsoft/intkeyboardps2.gif.......... these show fine

under file manager dir=/public_html/images/microsoft/......



uploaded images file via ftp to dir=/public_htm;/images/HonestGreen/....these don't show


I go into categories/products and update image(and see image) but nothing updates.

Can someone Please point me in the right direction


Thank You

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You may find your solution in the Easy Populate Support Thread





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