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OS Commerce - Can This Be Done?

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I have recently installed OS Commerce! Have to say I am very impressed!


I am hoping someone can help me though.


I have a website which uses a Buy Now button.. I am hoping I can link that Buy Now Button to a transaction page on my OSCOmmerce website. The reason for this is I would like the customer to get a customized receipt automatically once the order is complete. Currently PayPal stand alone do not allow that functionality.


Anyone able to provide some insight on how it can be done? Happy to pay or donate to forum if need be! :)

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this would probly be in the checkout confirmation pages

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That is not recommended as your customer would not enter the site and recieve an OSCID, therefore the checkout process would fail.





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You do not use a paypal button


- You add the wanted product into oscommerce, you add the ebook as a download attached to it.


- You enable PayPal standard as the payment module or alternatively PayPal Express.


When a customer buys the product at your oscommerce shop and then they are sent to Paypal to pay, upon completed payment they are sent back to your oscommerce website where the download is made available for them.

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It is also possible to alter the paypal payment page if you wish. This can be done in your paypal account.


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