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how do I change the look of my store, is that with templates

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I am a graphic designer and have an oscommerce store. My website is very colorful and with lots of images BUT my oscommerce store is very simple and makes no justice to the rest of the website.

I´ve seen other oscommerce shops and they are amazing, how do I do that?

My oscommerce shop is:



and one of the stores I liked is



I liked it because it has the possibility to ad banners, a big space for logo and also can customize the menu.


Where do I find this template or something similar and how do I install it with 0% programming knowledge?


Thanks in advance


ps: for those of you who also would like to take a look at my site, here is the address:


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Oscommerce does not really have a template system. You can start over and buy a "template", which is actually a full new shop install or you can manually modify your existing shops design. Click and read Basics for 2.3+ design in my signature.

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