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Per Item Per Country with a max shipping fee

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I am an admin and the site owner would like a flate rate per item per country.

That part is set up and working, now they would like to put a cap on the domestic shipping fee.


This can be either a maximum $$ amount for domestic shipping or only charge shipping for the first 2 items.


Currently I am using Per Country Per Item v1.1 for the shipping module.




Does anyone have a suggestion for setting up a maximum shipping amount on one group (domestic)?

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I could use some help with the php asap.

What I need to do is add a condition for the United States if the item count is >2 the shipping_cost is $14.00


if ($dest_zone == 0) {

$groups_cost = constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_PIPC_COST_DEFAULT');


} else {

$groups_cost = constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_PIPC_COST_' . $dest_zone);

$handle_cost = constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_PIPC_HANDLING_' . $dest_zone);



$shipping_method = MODULE_SHIPPING_PIPC_TEXT_WAY . ' ' . $dest_country . ' : ' . $shipping_weight . ' ' . MODULE_SHIPPING_PIPC_TEXT_UNITS;

$shipping_cost = $groups_cost * $total_count + $handle_cost;


$this->quotes = array('id' => $this->code,


'methods' => array(array('id' => $this->code,

'title' => $shipping_method,

'cost' => $shipping_cost)));



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