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We would like to create an addon for osCommerce.


The idea is to add microdata to the HTML content describing products, categories, shopping cart contents, user information and completed orders. It also has to be able to add a <script> -tag to the <head> element, and either be able to automatically add two HTML blocks to pages, or it should be easy for the users to add these.


The addon would collect the microdata using Javascript, and send it to a web service. The service collects the data, and provides product recommendations based on what the user is viewing or has searched for (from the same store) through the HTML blocks that have been added to the pages.


We were unable to find any developer guides or information on the processes related to publishing addons on your site, if there are special requirements, and approval processes to consider.


Can you tell us where we could find this information, so we can better evaluate the amount of work necessary to create the addon?

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I just asked this question as well :lol: This might be a new project for all those who have developed several addons in the past. A tutorial of sorts. My addons basicaly took apart other peoples work and put back together. I would love a guide to help with some of my new ideas.


If you find the answer to your above question of a developers guide let me know.

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SSPP Seperate Shipping Per Product v2.5| Support
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The best guide available is this thread. There is no developer guide other than the code itself.


You can always ask specific questions in the Addons Development forum. I would be happy to see more people developing Addons, so I'll try to answer any questions that I can.




See my profile for a list of my addons and ways to get support.

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