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Polls box [ Support forum ] - Box de encuestas [ Foro de soporte ]

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**** ENGLISH ****

With this contrib you will be able to add a poll box to your store, and show its results!


Download this add-on on the attached files.


**** ESPAÑOL ****


Con esta contribución podrás añadir un box de encuestas en tu tienda, y mostrar sus resultados!


Descarga la contribución en los archivos adjuntos.



Edited by Harald Ponce de Leon

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I install the poll Fix 2.0 in Administration I get Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_cfg_select_pages() in /home//public_html/admin/modules.php(232) : eval()'d code on line 1

and Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_draw_box_wrapper_top() in includes/modules/boxes/bm_polls.php on line 69.

Edited by JIM454

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I resolved this by removing all the tep_draw_box functions. It's part of a template which I don't have in my install. This is how my code looks in bm_polls.php.


$data ='<div class="ui-widget infoBoxContainer">' .
		 tep_infobox_heading_div(MODULE_BOXES_POLLS_BOX_TITLE) .
 '<li>'. tep_draw_form('poll', tep_href_link('poll_submit.php', 'action=process', 'SSL'), 'post', '', true) . '</li>'.
 '<li>'. tep_draw_radio_field('option', '1') . MODULE_BOXES_POLLS_OPTION1 . '</li>' .
 '<li>'. tep_draw_radio_field('option', '2') . MODULE_BOXES_POLLS_OPTION2 . '</li>' .
 '<li>'. tep_draw_radio_field('option', '3') . MODULE_BOXES_POLLS_OPTION3 . '</li>' .
 '<li>'. tep_draw_radio_field('option', '4') . MODULE_BOXES_POLLS_OPTION4 . '</li>' .
 '<li>'. tep_draw_radio_field('option', '5') . MODULE_BOXES_POLLS_OPTION5 . '</li>' .
 '<li>'. tep_draw_radio_field('option', '6') . MODULE_BOXES_POLLS_OPTION6 . '</li>' .
 '<li>'. tep_draw_radio_field('option', '7') . MODULE_BOXES_POLLS_OPTION7 . '</li>' .
 '<li>'. tep_draw_radio_field('option', '8') . MODULE_BOXES_POLLS_OPTION8 . '</li>' .
 '<li>'. tep_draw_radio_field('option', '9') . MODULE_BOXES_POLLS_OPTION9 . '</li>' .
 '<li>'. tep_draw_radio_field('option', '10') . MODULE_BOXES_POLLS_OPTION10 . '</li>'.
 tep_image_submit(IMAGE_BUTTON_CONTINUE, 'Envar voto').
 '<a href="/polls_results.php">Resultados</a>'.


Basically just removed references to the functions not in my template.


Now, I can't edit the poll because when I click edit I have no options on the right column to edit.

Edited by scottyab

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Found the solution for that too. Before installing, remove 'tep_cfg_select_pages(' in both spots from bm_polls and replace with ''. This is another function not included in my version.

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Now it errors when I select an option...database issue. I'll come back to this later, this is far from a clean install for 2.3.1 with the jquery template.

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