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Install coupon add-on instructions?

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No, don't overwrite your files. If you have a brand new shop, it is usually safe to overwrite files but that version has code in it that shouldn't be there, last I checked. You will need to follow the instructions for installing it manually. The database changes have to be made through your control panel. The installation of this contribution is not as simple as some and may be a difficult one for your first try, though that depends upon your experience with editing php code. Be sure you backup everything before beginning so it can be restored if there are any problems.

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Thank you for the response. So, the instructions say to replace my files with the ones that have been included and then add the new files to certain directories. Then to do a sql query. So I should not overwrite my files? Perhaps this is a bit out of my element. Does os commerce have any resources for someone to install this for me? Free or paid? Of course, a legit one.... This is a real company so we are willing to do whatever to get this on there.



Thank you again.

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