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xTuple 3.8.2. to Oscommerce 2.3.3 integration

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Hello all of you.


I have an issue maybe somebody can help me out a bit.


We have Xtuple 3.8.2 running on a ubuntu 11.2 server.

On our other linux server we run our oscommerce stores.


there is an addon Xom, I did install that to connect OScomm to xtuple.

I can fill in the connection settings hit the connect key,

and a huge pretty nice white screen appears.


Any body an idea?





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It took me some hours but I did manage.

The problem was that PGSQL in Directadmin is not installed on our Centos 6.3 server.

After installing PGSQL trough the custom build option form DA (or let your hosting provider manage this directly on your server), than install the postgresql-devel.rpm (let your HP manage this!!!! if you don't run a VPS/own server) file than run the command ./build PHP n


The update takes about 10 to 20 min.


Go to OScomm admin.


And hurray you can make the next step. (whew).

Don't forget before you enter the data into the connection wizard in OSCommerce to set the permission of the admin en the include map/folder/directory to 777 (in DA) so you can safe your data.


Now the next task to manage to get the products into the Xtuple database. As the xtuple manual is kind of vague in that section.


(if anybody has a hint you are more than welcome)

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