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Offiline card processing - Encrypted Credit Card with CVV2

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Hello, new to this. I want to install this module


Encrypted Credit Card with CVV2



Is there anyone who could help me as the instructions seem a little confusin gon where exactly I need to do the cut & paste job for the files. Any assitance would b appreciated. I just need to be able to process cards offline until I can get a gateway set-up. I have applied for moneybookers but need something in th einterim and my processor must have the CVV code. Yes, i know I can't store them and I won't I just need to get this module installed without messing my store up before I set it all up.


I think Afghanisatn was easier for me than this scripting stuff! Any help is appreciated an thanks in advance.

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That contribution should have been removed from this website a long time ago as it violates PCI DSS compliance laws in most of North America. I am unsure what other countries have compliance but I do know that almost all of North America requires PCI DSS compliance if you want to process your customer's credit cards manually.


Check with your local laws.




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Yes, you can take credit card details and process them offline from your oscommerce shop. Check out e-Path (http://e-path.com.au). They are a global manual gateway.


There's a bit of a micro trend going on with a lot of small businesses going offline to process charges mainly because of security, but its also heaps cheaper. I believe you can only do this when you use a proper PCI compliant manual payment gateway though.


Fraud is getting pretty insane now and real time online payment processors will promote all the great security they offer but in truth it is worth zip. If it fails and you fall victim to fraud watch them tell you they ain't going to compensate you and that's it your "bad luck". What rubbish is this. Pay Pal is pretty good cause they have some protection systems that wil compensate you, but they are expensive.


Getting credit cards off the internet and charging offline I reckon is a good thing. You are in control. You get to decide what gets charged in to your merchant account becuase it is you who is doing it, not some anonymous scum the other side of the world while you are asleep.


The other thing is people are starting to want their credit cards and ID details stopped from being permanently stored online now. Way too many details are being stolen from the internet now and people have a right to say NO. Manually charging offline gets all these credit cards off the internet.


But there's good and bad with everything. I've just covered the positives but yeh you can for sure take credit cards online and transact them offline, really neat if you already have a terminal.


Good luck

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