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Subdomain for Rental of Products or Blog

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I realise what I am looking for probably doesn't exist, but I think if someone would take on the challenge it could make an interesting addon. Also it would take oscommerce to a whole new level !!!


I am looking for an addon that allows for a subdomain that can be added to an oscommerce site which has the same database / log in details for customers, whilst being operated on the same css / template, and from the same admin page as the main site. This could allow the main page to be for sales of products and the subdomain to cater for hire / rental of products via means of a booking calendar or a blog to promote your site. Thus giving handy information to customers whilst also attracting extra traffic through added searchable content. This could be product releases, upcoming events or some other useful info.


I realise there is a lot in this and will probably need two parts :

1) the addon for the oscommerce subdomain that shares template / css / database / admin with the main site


2) a booking calendar addon for rental of products / hotel rooms / cars .....


but if anyone has any ideas I think it could make an interesting conversation piece or an epic pair of addons ????

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The Multi Store contribution does part of that (sharing databases) but there are mixed results because trying to share a database creates complications. As for the booking calendar, there is also one of those in the contribution. It is somewhat outdated but you could update it to work with v2.3.x



So, the answer to your question is...........it's already available, you just have to put it together.






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@@DunWeb so wasn't such a crazy idea at all........


I am going to look into this and will jump into upgrades and mods and will see what i can come up with over the next couple of months as i play around with it.


Will post the result here but still keen to see what others can come up with as well.

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