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PayPal Express Dropping Addresses on return to confirmation page

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Hi All,


I have setup www.munchcupboard.com/store on behalf of a client and we have run into an issue with the completion of sales.


We had to set up the site with an additional contribution so that we could do shipping costs based on States. When you go through the checkout process, it displays the shipping address, calculates cost based on State and Weight, and gets you to select a method. Continuing on from this selecting the payment method as PayPal express (either by the button or the normal checkout flow), with the billing address visible it takes you to the PayPal payments page.


I understand its normal to enter all the billing information. Would be great if there was a way that OSCommerce based the billing address automatically on to paypal though?


Anyway, once this is done, and you return to the confirmation page, the billing address is blank, along with the shipping address. Because of this, the shipping cost is then removed, and the customer can proceed without paying any shipping, and obviously our invoices/packaging slips are blank because all the information is missing.

This does not happen when we select Bank Transfer (provided by another contribution). I assume this is because the site isn't left.


I have searched through the forum for a fix to this, and have found many people with similar problems, but can't find a resolution to this particular problem.


Any and all help would be really appreciated!

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I have setup www.munchcupboard.com/store on behalf of a client


1) You have set up an OUT-DATED version of osCommerce for your client, exposing them to immediate code updates to be compatible with new server software.

2) You have failed to secure your outdated version of osCommerce putting their website at risk of attack by hackers (even more so now that you posted the URL on this forum)

3) You should NOT be offering professional osCommerce services if you are not familiar with osCommerce.




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@@DunWeb yer cheers for that, real positive.


I did wish to setup OSCommerce up under 2.3.3, as I have done another store in the same way. However, the template they wished to use (and I could not convince otherwise), was an older version. Attempted to upgrade that, but it causes all sorts of errors in the template, and the client does not wish to spend more money on time to upgrade it.


Unless OSCommerce has a very easy way to upgrade this template?!


I simply put the URL in as usually when I ask for help on forums, people wish to be able to experience the issue 1st hand to be able to provide a solution.



Im sure moderators could remove all instances of said URL in this thread, and possibly begin helping resolve what seems to be a serious bug in PayPal Express.

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