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Incomplete product name and category name

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Hello gurus's



I have problem with this URLs by the way I am using the Ultimate SEO URLs. I have a trouble with this URLs. In my category box I have this name. Ex. 14 meee product but when I click it links to meee product not to the 14 meee product. It remove the number 14. What would be the problem. Please help me Im a newbie in oscommerce.


The problem goes like this.



http://www.me.com/14-meee-product-p-12.html //the correct path it


//the incorrect


http://www.me.com/meee-product-12-p-12.html // incorrect path what would be the problem on this please help..

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There are settings about removing or not certain characters/words, check them


I see it already.. tnx


But I have encountered this problem again in my test server. It is working perfect but in my live server which is in my domain name its not working. But the problem now goes like this. Im using the Ultimate SEO URLs by chemo.



the correct url.




But when I click to it, it goes to the http://www.14-mee-product.html which is the right one.Main problem is that when i hover the mouse wrong path appear instead of the first url .



it goes like this.




i dont why this happen can you help..



please help.

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