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USPS international not showing up as an option

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Hello all, new forum member here (and oscommerce n00b.. I normally use a version of CRELoaded on my other shops... I am helping a friend on this one).


I have been trying to solve an international shipping problem on an existing store running 2.2-M2.


It looks like Domestic shipping rates are showing up OK (though it does not specifically say "USPS" on the checkout page, just the weight and cost).


If I change my address to one, say, in the UK, I no longer get a shipping option upon checkout.


If I change my address to one in Canada, I get what looks like the domestic (US) shipping option, and the rates appear to be pretty low.


Is there a way to tell what Shipping module I am using? It of course says usps.php in the directory, but I can't seem to determine "which" module it is.


I've been searching here for the past couple of days and have found a lot about the DomesticV4 IntlV2 module, but I'm not convinced that is what we are using.


The other thing is the Zones module. That is currently set to just have a Zone 1 with US and CA. Do I need additional zones to trigger my "rest of the world" shipping for int'l customers?


Thanks in advance for any insight or direction you can provide.


Edit: My friend's hosting company / isp installed this usps module yesterday so I am going to see if he can tell me which version he installed. Their next suggestion was a fresh install of oscommerce *but* they are concerned there are other customizations that they might break if they fresh install. (The man that originally set up the shop is no longer available from what I am told.)


In the meantime I may need to check my CRELoaded shops in case they are broken too.


My friend here says his Int'l shipping broke back in November but he hadn't tried to fix it until now. :blink:






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Advise your friend to scrap that old version and create a new site using the latest stable version. Support for MS2 is very scarce and most servers no longer support PHP 4.x. The new USPS modules work with the newer versions.





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Thanks Chris.


I will mention that to him. There are plans to make changes to the store anyway so this may push the issue.


On the bright side I installed an updated USPS module for my two CRELoaded shops and it worked great.


Learning what I did on this forum helped that to go smoothly as well.


Thanks again,



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