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Index.php and product listing absolutely awful coding, impossible to modify

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You will find it easier to style the product listings if they are coverted to div or ul. For one thing you can control the number of columns simply by setting the width of each product listing in the stylesheet. Tables are better for listing data where you are relating the x-axis to the y-axis (ie a chart with a set heading along either or both the x and y axis), but product listings are simple lists you are stacking up like bricks or legos.


Thanks yes, that is the issue im having.


Since i will only have 4 products per row, i can fix these with the stylesheet.


And the only thing i want in each product div will be the image, and underneath product name and price, thats it.



Could you have a look at the 2.3.3 product listing.php file and let me know roughly what i should change?


Also, check out this thread here. You might find it useful and it should be able to work on your 2.2rca version as well.




I've managed to finally find a way to create custom fixed sorting single hyperlinks that will sort any product columns such as price, date added, quantity or any others.

They are not in dropdown boxes, but im sure there is a way of putting them into dropdowns if needed. Maybe you can have a look?

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