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Sorting Plugin? Suggestions?

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Ok, so I want to be able to setup a couple websites where it allows better sorting, Im seeing it all over the place, and I have combed through the contributions, not seeing anything that really answers to the description of what Im looking for.


We've all seen the websites I think...


You get to choose the manufacturer, or the product class, or the product class size, speed, etc.


Want a CPU? choose Intel, AMD, or another, which then gives you the options of a i3/i5/i7 etc etc

Want a Hard Drive? Choose Seagate or another and get it suddenly broken down into size, speed, formfactor, SATA version vs PATA, et al et al.

Want a laptop? now you choose between manufacturers, cpu maker, hard drive, cpu speed and core, screen size etc etc...


Is there a plugin/contribution that exists already, that can be dropped into osCommerce that would help me do this fairly simply? And would I have to modify my bulk import tool? ( I already suspect that to be a yes.. )





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now that is called filtering, nothing to do with sorting



find products specifications by kymation


have fun !


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