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Cannot put image into my catalog

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I had all my catalog photos in my store. I sell photos for ref. so i had two sub catagories. One for landscape photos and one for Wildlife photos. When i went on line to my store and it had mixed my landscapes with my wildlife. So i though because i had numbered my landscape photos 001 up. And my wildlife 001 up that it confused the sight. So i tried to delete the photo and reinstall. That didn't work so i just took all the landscape photos off re- numbered them.. When i went to re-install them to my catalog all it does is show the info the file name and file location where the picture went. Have tried numbers of times and it just will not work.


I am not a computer techy type and a senior so please if you can help me give me step by step instruction as to where and how and what i need to do to fix this. I like the program but its usless to me if i cannot get help or know what to do.


Thank you for your time

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1) Each image should have a unique name, otherwise the next one you upload will overwrite he previous one. They all go to the same folder


2) Just uploading images via FTP (as I guess you did after renaming the images - not clear what you mean with "reinstall") doesn't work, because the "system", the database, doesn't now what image belong to what product.


You need to upload each image for each product separately via admin. In that way the system creates a record in the database that say "image xy.jpg belong to product abc

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