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Easy Populate 2.77a-MS2 (with attributes)

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I have an older store (2rc2a) with too many mods so I'm trying to get it compatible with php 5.3 as my hosting provider decided to upgrade without letting me know.


There were a lot of depricated functions and I think I have corrected them all, Everything is working except EP.


I can upload a file and it gets split. I then run EP on the split files and it displays the products have been added. However, they are not showing up. If I re-run a file its displays the products have been updated. They must be going somewhere, but not where they should.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I really need some help.


I think I know whats causing the problem. In the Excel file I receive from one of my vendors. There appears to be carriage returns and/or line feed in the v_products_description. Previously, I had no problems until my hosting provider upgraded to PHP 5.3.


Anyone know how to remove these from the the decription column? I have tried every combination in the EP configuration option section but nothing has worked.


// **** Field Separator ****

// change this if you can't use the default of tabs

// Tab is the default, comma and semicolon are commonly supported by various progs

// Remember, if your descriptions contain this character, you will confuse EP!

// if EP_EXCEL_SAFE_OUTPUT if false (below) you must make EP_PRESERVE_TABS_CR_LF false also.

$ep_separator = "\t"; // tab is default

//$ep_separator = ','; // comma

//$ep_separator = ';'; // semi-colon

//$ep_separator = '~'; // tilde

//$ep_separator = '*'; // splat



// *** Excel safe output ***

// this setting will supersede the previous $ep_separator setting and create a file

// that excel will import without spanning cells from embedded commas or tabs in your products.

// if EP_EXCEL_SAFE_OUTPUT if false (below) you must make EP_PRESERVE_TABS_CR_LF false also.

define ('EP_EXCEL_SAFE_OUTPUT', true); // default is: true

//define ('EP_EXCEL_SAFE_OUTPUT', false); // default is: true


if (EP_EXCEL_SAFE_OUTPUT == true) {

if ($language == 'english') {

$ep_separator = ','; // comma

} elseif ($language == 'german') {

$ep_separator = ';'; // semi-colon

} else {

$ep_separator = ','; // comma // default for all others.




// if EP_EXCEL_SAFE_OUTPUT if true (above) there is an alternative line parsing routine

// provided by Maynard that will use a manual php approach. There is a bug in some

// PHP versions that may require you to use this routine. This should also provide proper

// parsing when quotes are used within a string. I suspect this should also resolve an issue

// recently reported in which characters with a german "Umlaute" like ÄäÖöÜü at the Beginning

// of some text, they will disappear when importing some csv-file, reported by TurboTB.

define ('EP_EXCEL_SAFE_OUTPUT_ALT_PARCE', true); // default is: false



// *** Preserve Tabs, Carriage returns and Line feeds ***

// this setting will preserve the special chars that can cause problems in

// a text based output. When used with EP_EXCEL_SAFE_OUTPUT, it will safely

// preserve these elements in the export and import.

define ('EP_PRESERVE_TABS_CR_LF', false); // default is: false

// define ('EP_PRESERVE_TABS_CR_LF', true); // default is: false




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