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Upgrading 2.2ms2-060817 to 2.2rc2a to PHP 5.x Hosting

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My host decided to upgrade (even the legacy accounts) to PHP 5.3. PHP 4.x was no longer available. Needless to say, my site broke (getting varous "Function is deprecated" messages on HomePage and Admin).


It used to be:

PHP 4.4

mySQL 4.1

2.2ms2-060817 (English & Espanol)

UltraPics v1.2

EasyCSV 2.0.2 (Import)


First, I had to rename php.ini to php5.ini because the host was no longer reading it properly (as revealed by running PHPInfo ... especially register_globals=on value). I also dropped back to PHP 5.2 (thinking it was released closer to the time of the version of osC I might be able to upgrade to.


This site is mainly a way to present about 1000 items (and easily be able to add and modify them). No local CC-Auth. Most sales are finalized off-line (by phone or fax) or by hosted PayPal. I just need something that works.


After dropping back from PHP 5.3 to 5.2, the site was barely working. The obvious problem was that when you clicked on a Category, nothing happened. New or Special items were displayed, but it you clicked on them, it said "Not Found" ... all very strange behavior.


Luckily, I found this excellent Contribution.




1. I did the SQL updates (in 5 batches).

2. I did the initial compare. Revealed about 15 of the 90 files were untouched.

2a. Since this store is pretty much "stock" I decided to just cross-fingers and upload (and overlay) the whole 2.2rc2a set to the server without Compare and Merge. Then, just go in a fix up the language files here and there. I figure if any Contributions weren't working, I would just re-install them (or re-install the updated 2.2rc2a compatible version).


Overall, this worked fine. Sure, there was some footer text and InfoBoxes to fix up (and reset the main logo) but overall it worked really good. Main thing is the items and cats are working again.


My only problem now is UltraPics v1.2. The Front-End website is showing all the extra pics for each item. However, the Admin for existing or new items is only showing the 1 main pic. I'm confused on how to continue because the UltraPics package doesn't seem to contain the manual edits.


It was 2007, so I installed this version: ULTRA PICS clean with spanish lang and images Jordi 8 Nov 2006


How should I proceed? After all this work, this is a deal-breaker :-(

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Since I don't need to mess with adding LightBox support (the old normal HTML popup-windows works fine for us) ... I downloaded UltraPics v2.04. Appears to be the last one without LightBox and it even has Manual Install directions.


As I compare this file-set to the 2.2rc2a (overlay) Upgrade file-set ... the only file in common is: admin/categories.php

... so that is the only file that needs to merged together. As you know, this file runs the screen you see when adding/editing items.


So I started with the new 2.2rc2a generic version, and merged in the missing stuff from the 2.2ms2 version of the file from the archive. I used WinMerge. I DID NOT re-run the SQL on the DB because it was already run on this copy of the DB back in 2007. All seems to work ok.


However, I kinda question this procedure. Whether Merging or doing manual edits ...

This old code you are merging in to these newer files (that are re-coded to be compatible with newer versions of PHP or mySQL)...

If the old custom code is for PHP 4.x, you could easily revert the final merged file back to a PHP 4.x ONLY compatible version. this also applies to general bug-fixes.

Also, when merging, you have to ignore changes between the files that have nothing to do with the Contribution (are really there for other reasons).


Ideally, I would love to get a "perfect copy" of a vanilla 2.2rc2a categories.php with UltraPics v2.04 properly merged in ... done by an experienced PHP programmer. While I wait, I'll just use the version I ended up with. I guess it's ok as long as it works.

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