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Hardcore Security for osCommerce HTACCESS

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I have installed Tapio's Hardcore Security fo osCommerce HTACCESS contribution (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8296). I notice that when trying to access the Modules section in the admin, I receive a 403 error. Given the infrequency of accessing the Modules section, this is hardly an issue. When access is needed, I guess I can always briefly comment out the particular lines in the htaccess file.


However, I noticed that the contribution also causes 403 errors when attempting to access a custom product attributes page and a custom product stock page in the admin. Since adding attributes to new products and updating stock on other products happens routinely, is there is some type of modification that can be made to allow the updates and still keep the htaccess protection intact? I was wondering if there was some way to exclude those two custom admin pages, or perhaps my IP address, from the "code checking" that takes place in the htaccess file.



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