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no .htaccess file ?

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Hi all,


I am using version 2.2 and currently configuring a new store, the problem is that I don't appear to have an .htaccess file. I'd like to add a contribution to further protect the site against possible problems but without this file I cannot and I am not sure the site will be ok without it......


Can I simply upload a copy of this file without it affecting certain options on the current site and has anyone else had this problem ? Surely .htaccess is essential, not sure how I ended up without one as the script was installed directly from my hosts control panel.


All advice gratefully received.

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The basic script from your host doesn't create one so you can create an empty one and the site will work excatly as at the moment.


Then you can add in the commands as required.


I would recomend you look at the 2 pinned threds in the security forum as you must secure your version from known security holes. There are a couplw of recommended add-ons that add to this file.





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Virus Threat Scanner

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Don't know if this will help you, but its worth a try, with my host, when I use their file manager I have to check a box to be able to see .htaccess files, if I don't they are there but not visible, like a hidden file in windows.



Os-commerce v2.3.3

Security Pro v11

Site Monitor

IP Trap

htaccess Protection

Bad Behaviour Block

Year Make Model

Document Manager

X Sell

Star Product

Modular Front Page

Modular Header Tags

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  1. On Linux/Unix servers, file names beginning with "." are "hidden". You may have to take special actions in your hosting File Manager to see them.
  2. Are you on an Apache server, or IIS? If IIS, it will not have an .htaccess, and will ignore any that you make. If Apache, there should always be an .htaccess in the root (/), even if it's empty. You would need to add an .htaccess file for any other directory you want to use one in.
  3. Why in the world are you starting a new store with osC 2.2? It's terribly obsolete and insecure. You should be using 2.3.2.

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Thanks everyone, found the file, it was hidden as suggested. sorry, I ment Version 2.3.2. have other problems now so off to post again :)

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