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Portuguese chars issues

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I just installed a oscommerce store and a portuguese language module.


First I had problems with the desciptions of the products because the portuguese chars were being converted: â, ç, ã. ....


I had to change the charset in the portugues.php file to:


// charset for web pages and emails

define('CHARSET', 'utf-8');


Now the the text inserted via admin panel are ok, but the core text, like titles in boxes are not appearing proplerly, and before my change were ok: Coment�rios and not Comentários.


Can you please help to solve this issue?


store url:




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Oh dude, I had the exact same issue like a couple of days ago, check out the topic I posted, biancoblu gave me the solution to the issue.


Basicly, if you chose utf-8, then have all your php files encripted using utf-8 (without BOM), database has to be utf-8.


The best way to do it, is to use HTML entities thou, takes a little longer, but it will never fail regardless of your php encoding, database ect.


So instead of typing out "Comentários", type in "Comentários" and it will display as "Comentários" no matther what.:

Check out this link for a converter:

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