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I have installed an addon which is working perfectly, apart from one small thing, I'm wondering if someone could please assist me with this.


The addon is

Order confirmation email text





As I said everything works perfectly, except in the order confirmation email that is sent, all prices appear without the numbers and dollar sign before the decimal place, which were there before I installed the addon.


E.g. :


1 x new product = .99



Sub-Total: .99

Shipping cost: .00

Total: .99


instead of


1 x new product = $17.99



Sub-Total: $17.99

Shipping cost: 7.00

Total: $24.99


There are some changes to the checkout_process.php file for this addon, and I suspect that is what could be causing the issues, but I'm not 100% sure.


The prices appear correctly when the order is viewed in admin/orders.php but not in the confirmation email.


Any ideas?


Thanks very much.

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