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Link customer to file upload and Catagory

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Ok.... So here it is in a nut shell.


I have configured a page on the customer side to allow them to upload products to my store. It is very basic for the time being as it is restriced to just simple information such as name of the file/image, tags, color, and such. I have that information sent to a table in my database.


Here is the problem(s)


When a customer uploads something, is there a way to have something attached to that upload to the database that would put their email address or username in it. This way other customers can search by that particular person?


Second, is there a way or how can I put a drop down menu on that same page that would let them chose a catagory to put that photo? Etc... You upload a green picture of apples. You the customer would be able to chose a drop down menue that would have say fruit as one of the options. At that point, that photo and data would be stored in the database but it would be able to link that particular upload to the correct catagory?


I'm still trying to play with it, but at this time, I am stuck really with those 2 main ideas that I have. There is just so much code and different loop holes that you have to go through to even think about trying to copy and paste some code from different sections.


Thanks everyone



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