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Feedback for osCommerce

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Hi osCommerce!

I'm a co-founder of non-profit CMSFeadback Community. This community has been started a few weeks ago, we're trying to collect all feedbacks for alll CMSes, Forums and eCommerce platforms. If you can add your feedbeack for the "osCommerce" section it would be much appreciated.

Our visitors are trying to find answers, e.g.:

What osCommerce is good for?

What are the key features of osCommerce?

And a lots of other questions. Your opened topics and feedback will help our visitors to take a closer look at the osCommerce.

Forum webaddress: http://cmsfeedback.com


Also please vote in the Why do you use osCommerce? poll here: http://cmsfeedback.com/oscommerce/why-do-you-use-oscommerce/



  • Good Product Catalog
    Will today's catalog schema meet tomorrow's demands?
  • Business User Control
    Will my application directly empower my merchandisers, marketing managers, and other business owners?
  • Search Features
    How easily can customers find what they want, and how easily can I promote the products I want to push based on customer searches?
  • Good Agility
    How easily can I implement business requests to monitor and respond to an individual Web visitor's behavior?
  • Good Reporting and Analytics
    Do I have all the features I need to understand my online business?
  • Correct Standards
    Is the application built on a standards-based platform?
  • Good Integration
    How easily can the application integrate with my other systems?
  • Good Interoperability
    Does the application function within a service-oriented architecture?
  • Good Synergy
    Will the application support business models beyond B2C e-commerce?
  • Good Support and Community
  • It's Free

Best Regards


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