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Shipping Tables

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Sorry if this has been covered before but I've looked and looked and can't find it if it has.


This is driving me stir crazy!!


I have a UK based oscommerce 2.3.1 store that sells heavy and light things. I would like to give my customers a choice of shipping methods i.e. 2nd class recorded, 1st class recorded, special delivery etc.


I have created 5 shipping tables to enable me to do this.


Table 1 - 2nd class recorded prices, Table 2 - 1st class recorded prices and so on and so on


My problem is this: How do I make it so that if a weight is not on the shipping table it doesn't come up at all rather than be an available option at checkout with a cost of zero?


Whilst testing this I have set the following:

Table 1 - 0.1:1.64 (2nd class recorded)

Table 2 - 0.1:1.94 (1st class recorded)

Table 3 - 1.0:5.95 (special delivery)


So, for valuable jewellery items I have made all their weights in my store at 1.0 so that the only option available for shipping at checkout is special delivery (recorded delivery does not insure jewellery items) - so I don't want this method of shipping available for these items. However as there is no weight specified in table 1 or 2 for this weight, the price is showing as zero at checkout_shipping and is available to be chosen by the customer!


I have attached an image to show what I mean.


If anyone can please please help I would be very grateful.

Thank you

PS Please ignore Economy Courier on the table - I did not alter it for my testing purposes


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*I wish I could get my head round this!*

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