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Unable to determine page link?

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I recently took over my aunt's store's online shop, and I have been updating products. After a long overhaul of our stock, I tried to go to the main page and click on some categories and products, to make sure it looked right.

Whenever I click on a product that I haven't moved or edited, or a category in general, it takes me right back to the regular home page, and at the bottom it says "Error! Unable to determine the page link!"


I'm not sure if it was doing this before. I'm not entirely sure which version we are running on. I know it will add new products, but I just can't get to anything but the information section! I've only edited the products and categories themselves, nothing else. Does it just take time for everything to work again, or should it be instant?


I'm mostly doing this all on my own, so I really appreciate any help I can get. Please let me know what I can do to make answering this easier!


Thank you :)

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A quick search would have rendered MANY similar posts. Try THIS one, which seems to cover the topic pretty extensively.





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