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PayPal Direct Payments

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I received a letter from PayPal (as well as a phone call) last week indicating I needed to change my routing API from the Phoenix office to the Salt lake City location via a new IP Address. I have scoured the PayPal code in my Public folder and have found no mention of the IP Address. I am on a shared server and am starting to believe my hosting company (Lunarpages) needs to change this on the server side rather than me finding it in the PayPal Direct Payment code.


Has anyone else received this email or know where the IP address gets changed?


Letter from PayPal:


Earlier this year, we sent several communications alerting you that we were moving our primary data center to Salt Lake City. That change occurred on April 19, 2012. Our data center in Phoenix is now used as a backup site.

According to our records, you need to take action now to route your API transactions to the Salt Lake City data center.

Now that the upgrade is completed, it is important that you make the necessary changes to your routing and/or firewall settings so that you are hard-coded to PayPal’s primary data center. Notifications regarding future maintenance's, downtime's or upgrades will only apply to our primary data center. No notifications will be sent regarding our backup site.

Actions you need to take

Here are the updated lists of IP addresses that you will need to allow:

· If you are using a firewall to restrict outbound traffic from your network please ensure you are allowing access to the IP addresses listed at https://www.x.com/node/305411 before making any changes.

· If you are not using DNS you may need to check your application configuration to ensure it points to the IP addresses listed at https://www.x.com/node/305411.

· If you are using DNS you may need to flush your application DNS cache which in some cases may require a restart of your application.

· Additionally, you can check in /etc/hosts (on Unix/Linux/Mac systems) or %WINDIR%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (on Windows systems) to ensure you don’t have PayPal API endpoints mapped to PayPal Phoenix data center IP addresses which start with 66.211.x.x.

· For the IP address for Sandbox PayPal servers, click here.


Please complete the necessary actions now to ensure you continue to receive PayPal services. If you need assistance in configuring this IP address change, please contact PayPal Merchant Technical Support.

You are a valuable customer to us and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

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