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new web ecommerce

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My store looked like yours once, but then i started altering it so it does not look like a standard oscommerce store. I know this as personalisation, and its what makes your store standout from the rest. Try it.


I see no mention of the new EU cookies law, surely Italy is doing something, and you need to comply. You are using google tracking so something must have to mentioned.

When in a product your categories box does not work as it did on the opening page, and when in the create account page it goes horribly wrong. I am checking in IE9. and the page formatting is all wrong.

In your header navbar you have both top and category that both go to the same place. Do you need them both.

Some of your information pages are really short of information.

It would appear that you have no SSL installed. Most customers will not enter information without it.

You ought really have some form of recaptcha sercurity on your contact us page to stop bots and spam.

Your links page has missing images.


You really should now finetune everything, and check and double check that everything works.


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It's easy to say to yes every question.

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