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No input file specified error message upon opening a product

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Hi guys,


I am new to os-commerce community and I Hope i will be welcomed ;p


I have just purchased a new template and I am trying to modify it now. I have successfully installed the template on my hosting server.. I am trying to add new categories/Products to the template now.. after adding the category/product and trying to open it on the site store.. a white page opens and says "No input file specified" :(


I am not sure why.. can anyone please help ? to get a better view please checkout the template demo link below





On this demo the categories/products are opening just fine but on my store it is not and showing the above mentioned error message


I really appreciate your help!




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Already contacted them :) waiting for their reply.. but actually everything is working just fine except for the categories/products not opening up after clicking on them.. all other pages are working fine ..

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